“My experience with NEXT STEPS has been great. I know it’s mainly a program focused on people who are behind (months) on rent, but they did an excellent job making sure that I did not get behind! Representatives are very helpful. Application process was easy. Follow up call was expeditiously quick, as well as the entire process. Last time I had just wrecked my car and had no transportation to come pick up the check and they conveniently worked with me to make sure I received everything I needed. Forever grateful for NEXT STEPS during these unprecedented times. Thank you.”

forever grateful

“Thank you very much for all your help. This assistance check will definitely get me caught up and allow me the opportunity to focus on getting my life back on track without nearly as much stress or strain. Next Steps made this experience very pleasant, smooth, and easy. You all were very detailed, prompt, and patient as you processed my application all while providing great advice and showing empathy. You lent a listening ear allowing me to express my pain and tragic experiences during this pandemic and encouraged me to pray and keep the faith and I am so grateful to have Next Steps assistance. If there is anything I can do to help you assist others just give me a call I’d love to help. My story could be a blessing of encouragement to others.”

encouragement to others

“I’m so grateful our awesome God blessed me to be able to keep my apartment. You, Chris, and your church are a great team and may God bless and reward you all for being great people.”

great people

“You’ve been a life saver!”

a life saver

“I would like to provide some feedback regarding my experience with NEXT STEPS. I was severely damaged by the COVID-19 shutdowns and was unexpectedly thrown into a situation where my company went under, I quickly burned through my savings and found myself desperate to meet bills month after month as I fired up a new business. I moved to The Colony where my friend notified me of NEXT STEPS and said I should apply to see if I would qualify for help with my rent. Jason reached out to me within minutes of submitting my application and was incredibly helpful and comforting through this process. You can tell the people at NEXT STEPS care and that is something I really needed after feeling helpless due to the COVID-19 shutdowns. To anyone who is feeling hopeless, I would definitely recommend applying for help through NEXT STEPS. They make the process seamless and offer comfort during some truly difficult times. Thank you guys for the help!”

offer comfort during some truly difficult times

“This whole COVID 19 situation is something I would have never imagined. Not in a million years would I have thought a pandemic would happen and shut down the world in my lifetime. It has been very hard on me as a mother of two college kids. But the one glimmer of hope was working with your team! They didn’t offer promises but I could hear the hope in their voices. I was always kept up to date on things by Chris and Pam was great with explaining the process beforehand. Everyone was very nice and I didn’t feel judged.

I would like to thank you and your team! I have no clue what me and my family could have done without your assistance. God willing I will for sure pay it forward when I can. I can not thank you thank you thank you enough.”

i can not thank you enough

“Thank you so much! This was such a tremendous help to my family. The process was a little longer than I had hoped, but that is understandable with the great need that is out there this past year and when I had applied they did not have the funds. However 3 weeks ago I lost my car and  I just prayed hard and left it in God’s hands and I got the call from Next Steps that funds were available and was following up to see if I was still in need. From there on it was a pleasant experience.  I didn’t feel like I was being shamed for needing to ask for help.  Everyone I spoke with was so nice. So thank you for this blessing and hope you have given my family.”

a tremendous help to my family

“You guys are amazing and if I can do anything to help give back to the community I will. Thank you again.”

you guys are amazing

“As far as my experience, you were simply wonderful. The communication was great whether it was through email or via phone call. The process was simple and I greatly appreciate all that you and Next Steps have done.”

communication was great