“Please share my sincere thanks with your organization for yours and their diligence, gratitude and consideration in funding my rent. I’m sure you could hear in my voice when we spoke how distraught and uncertain I was. Facing eviction and homelessness coupled with everything that I have experienced over the last 12 months has been a heavy burden. I have been depressed, sad and confused trying to understand the lesson in my experience trying to find meaning in my personal and in this national crisis.

The process was seamless and allowed me to be vulnerable as I shared my angst while allowing me to maintain a measure of dignity. I kept thinking to myself I just need a little more time. While my testimony isn’t over, you provided me with 100 more days to continue looking for work, to continue scaling back on expenses and catching up. You have lifted my spirits and pride  tremendously. Thank you so much for your assistance. I really do not know where else I would turn. Your assistance IS priceless. Thank you.”